• Each project starts with an intake-meeting in which we want to get a good understanding of the improvement needs.
  • Based on this meeting we make a proposal containing the approach and the consulting team.
  • This proposal is completely free and without any obligation.
  • If you feel comfortable with it, a contract will be signed and the project will start.
  • During the project regular evaluations and learning stops will be foreseen. If required, the project can be adjusted.

Strong emphasis on involvement

  • Change can only succeed if it is supported by the employees and managers. That is why we work closely together with the internal staff. With staff we mean not only directors and managers but also employees and workers.
  • We prefer to work with a mixed top-down bottom-up approach.

Pragmatic and result-oriented

  • Our emphasis is not on the PowerPoint presentation, but on the introduction of real improvements.
  • We test the proposed improvements on the field.
  • We assess the impact and adjust where necessary.
  • We work from concept until realization.

Experienced consultants

  • We only work with experienced consultants with high levels of expertise. They know their job and are able to add value for the customer as from day one.
  • We select stable consulting teams. You do not have to explain your project every 2 months to a new consultant.